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Warning Signs Your Ground Turkey Has Gone Bad
Ground turkey is a healthier alternative to use in dishes that typically call for ground beef or pork. Store-bought ground turkey typically includes a blended mix of the lighter breast meat, the darker leg meat, and small amounts of fat and skin, and as with any type of meat, you should handle it carefully to avoid food poisoning.
Storing conditions with temperatures that are too high (above 40 degrees Fahrenheit) and/or have too much air exposure will turn ground turkey into a bacteria playground. It's common sense to store your meat in the fridge, but even then, ground meat can still go bad very quickly, so here are signs to watch out for.
Fresh ground turkey will be a light pink color and should appear glistening, as if moist; if it has a graying color or mold on it and the meat seems slimy, then it has gone bad. In addition, poultry that has gone bad has a characteristically sulfuric smell, and a whiff of it means the turkey is no longer safe to eat.