Whiskey, brandy or bourbon drink in crystal glass. Alcohol party drink
Warm Bourbon Is The Bedtime Nightcap You've Been Needing
You can make a perfect alcoholic nightcap by experimenting with a tea-like structure and brewing up a bourbon-based hot beverage.
Bourbon's sweet, spicy, woody, and floral notes blossom when warmed, especially when paired with other ingredients. Mix it with lemon and honey, or even use apple cider as a base.
The bourbon should be bold enough to withstand gentle heating but not overpowering, so opt for classic brands like Bulleit or Makers Mark that offer a sweet, straightforward taste.
Aromatics like lemon and honey add an extra soothing quality, and orange or lemon rind will add an aromatic finish. Garnish with a cinnamon stick, clove or two, or star anise.