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Vodka Vs. Aquavit: What’s The Difference?
With so many types of liquor, all made with different ingredients and distillation processes, it can be daunting to learn the differences if you’re new to the subject. Two liquors that are commonly confused for each other are vodka and aquavit, which, although similar, are differentiated by one distinct variation.
Vodka is produced with anything sugary or starchy like potatoes, sugar beet molasses, or grains, and is heavily distilled to remove any “impurities,” leaving it with a generally bland and indistinct flavor. However, there are differences if you pay attention: Potato vodka is creamier and sweeter, rye vodka tends to be earthier, and wheat vodka is super clear and crisp.
Similarly, aquavit is made by distilling grains or fermented potato mash and is either amber in color or clear like vodka. However, there is one notable difference: Aquavit is infused with caraway and dill. Other herbs like anise or cardamom can be included, but true aquavit relies mainly on the distinct spiced licorice flavor of caraway, and the herbaceous green flavor of dill.