Two bowls of noodle soup topped with mushrooms, beef, and green onion
Vietnam's $170 Bowl Of Pho Includes Wagyu Beef And Shaved Truffles
From sundaes to burgers, chefs worldwide have invented extraordinarily expensive versions of comfort foods in a bid to be the most impressive. Now, pho has gotten this treatment.
Although it hasn't claimed the "world's most expensive" title, the Oriental Pearl restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City’s Landmark 81 hotel is offering a bowl of pho for 170 USD.
The soup was created by the Vietnamese hotel's executive chef Le Trung, who said, "we have managed to enhance the flavors to make this [pho] taste wonderfully rich and indulgent."
The foundation of the soup is a broth made of marrow bones, oxtail, chicken bones, and beef ribs, which are simmered for 48 hours with ginger, star anise, and cinnamon.
The soup is completed with noodles hand-crafted by a local family that has specialized in noodles for four decades, along with Wagyu beef, truffles, foie gras, and gold leaf.
If you want to try this luxurious soup, you’ll have to arrive early. The restaurant keeps a tight lid on servings, only offering 10 bowls a day before it's declared as sold out.