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Viennetta: The Fancy Frozen Treat That Ruled The '90s
Many "fancy" foods don’t live up to their reputation; for instance, macarons are cheap to make and can taste underwhelming, but are sold at high prices due to their reputation as a luxe French confection. However, one dessert that has an air of class but doesn't demand an unrealistic price tag is the 90's classic known as Viennetta.
Viennetta is made of wavy, attractive layers of ice cream and chocolate, and could be bought in the frozen section of almost any U.S. grocery store following its debut in 1982. It's the continental-sounding name and appealing presentation that makes this dessert scream "fancy," and now Viennetta is enjoying a well-deserved comeback.
Viennetta was discontinued in the U.S. at the end of the 1990's, though the dessert continued to be sold internationally. However, in 2021, Good Humor reintroduced the Viennetta back to the American market, so if you didn't catch this dessert the first time around, buy a box and serve it at your next dinner party to add some instant retro classiness.