Sticks of vanilla pods resting across the rim of a small wooden bowl of salt
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Vanilla Salt Is The Spice You Need To Add To Your Pantry
Flavored salt isn't a new phenomenon, and while rosemary, smoke, and citrus zest salt are all popular, vanilla salt is an underrated seasoning with a surprisingly versatile flavor.
Vanilla salt is typically made by combining sea salt with the sticky paste scraped from the inside of fresh vanilla beans, creating salt with an amazing aroma of vanilla.
The most obvious use for vanilla salt is in desserts as a more flavorful alternative to plain salt. It can also be used in cocktails, grilled vegetables, popcorn, or spice rubs.
You probably won’t find vanilla salt at your local grocery store. Specialty spice companies and sites like Hepp’s Salt Co., Beanilla, or Flour & Herbs are your best bet.
Vanilla salt is also easy to make yourself using a basic procedure for infusing salt with herbs. Buy fresh, high-quality vanilla beans, and never use vanilla extract as a shortcut.