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Van Leeuwen Teams Up With Netflix For Oniony New Knives Out Flavor
Rian Johnson’s newest movie, “Glass Onion,” is a fresh take on the hard-boiled whodunnits of yore, and likewise, Van Leeuwen is an updated, artisanal take on the ice cream trucks of your youth. To celebrate the Netflix release of “Glass Onion,” Van Leeuwen and Netflix teamed up to deliver a new ice cream flavor that perfectly encapsulates Johnson’s new film.
Van Leeuwen’s new “Glass Onion” flavor is somewhat of a mystery with no hints about its contents on the pint, but we know a thing or two to help solve it. As the company revealed in a press release, the ice cream starts with Van Leeuwen’s signature vanilla ice cream made slightly tangy with a hint of Greek yogurt to place you within the Greek world of “Glass Onion.”
From there, things get interesting. When trying the ice cream, “Glass Onion” star Kate Hudson said it had a “glass kind of crunch,” which comes from crystallized honeycomb candy swirled into the ice cream, and as a last layer, the ice cream features a caramelized onion jam. The ice cream is available at Van Leeuwen stores and online through their website.