Minestrone soup in a white bowl on a white plate with bread
V8 Juice Is The Unexpected Ingredient Your Minestrone Should Have
Minestrone is a simple Italian vegetable soup that's packed with vitamins, and it's even easier to make and more nutritious with the addition of V8 vegetable juice.
Simply combine equal parts V8 and water to create a rich tomato broth for your minestrone. Unlike the popular base of chicken stock, V8 keeps the broth completely vegetarian.
If you don't mind using meat, you could combine V8 with chicken broth instead of water for a more savory flavor. The broth can be used in any minestrone recipe you like.
Just keep in mind that V8 will add a lot of tomato flavor, so you may want to reduce the amount of tomatoes and other tomato-based ingredients in your minestrone recipe.