Honey roast ham on a plate
Utilize Ginger Ale To Balance The Salty Taste Of Ham
Ham is cured with salt to produce its signature flavor and texture, but sometimes you buy one that's just too salty. Ginger ale is a secret ingredient to balance the saltiness.
Ginger ale not only contains sugar, which naturally neutralizes salt, but the refreshing and acidic ginger flavor also counteracts overly salty cured meat.
A large bottle of ginger ale is a great base for a marinade, which will balance out the saltiness of the ham as it sits. Add refreshing herbs and spices for even more flavor.
You can also use the marinade for basting the meat as it cooks, so it won’t dry out. This also creates a crispy exterior as the ginger ale's sugar caramelizes.
To skip the marinating step, make a glaze for the ham by simmering ginger ale with more sugar and other complementary flavors, such as ground allspice.
Once it’s reduced into a sticky, smooth glaze, spread it over the ham towards the end of baking. The result should be a sweet, aromatic, and wonderfully caramelized crust.