strained chickpeas on a wooden tray
Utilize Crispy Chickpeas In Place Of Croutons For A Gluten-Free Soup Topping
Crispy chickpeas are the perfect gluten-free alternative to top off a warm bowl of soup. These legumes enhance your soup's nutrition, providing a good balance of carbs and protein.
Oven-roasting your chickpeas releases nutty and buttery undertones, creating a light and airy crunch that will absorb additional flavor from your soup.
Roasted chickpeas take half an hour or more to cook, and Tasting Table recipe developer Miriam Hahn uses crispy chickpeas seasoned with salt, onion, and garlic granules.
It's important to dry your chickpeas well prior to seasoning them and then spread them evenly over a baking sheet. Now you're ready to put them in an oven at a high temperature.
Chickpeas seasoned with salt and pepper pair well with chicken or vegetable soup, and for Indian or Thai-style coconut curry soup, try using curry powder, turmeric, and garlic.
Try onion powder, parmesan cheese, and pepper for French onion and tomato soup or paprika, chili powder, cayenne, and cumin for butternut squash and cream of mushroom soup.