Tomato sauce in a white pot on light surface next to spoon with sauce and green garnish
Utilize A Potato To Cut The Acidity In Pasta Sauce
If your pasta sauce turns out too sour and acidic, you can use a potato to tame it. Potatoes have a natural ability to absorb excess acidity without altering the sauce's flavor.
As your pasta sauce simmers on the stovetop, peel and cut one potato into halves or quarters. Add the pieces to the liquid and leave them to simmer until they’re fork tender.
You can then remove the potatoes from the pot and discard them. This works better in contrast to drowning out the acid using sugar or dairy, which would alter the sauce's flavor.
Also in contrast to dairy, potatoes keep the sauce vegetarian or vegan, and don't add any extra refined sugars or fats for diners who try to keep these out of their diets.