dish of potato salad with bacon and herbs
Use Your Slow Cooker For Very Easy One-Pot Potato Salad
Instead of boiling potatoes on a stove for potato salad, use your slow cooker. With this convenient method, you can basically add all your veggies and seasonings into one pot.
Use waxy potatoes like Dutch cream or Kipflers, since they'll hold together better than starchier varieties like russets. Cut them into even cubes so they all cook evenly.
Add the potatoes to the slow cooker and then pour in enough water to barely cover them. You can add other veggies and seasonings for flavor before cooking.
Try seasonings like salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, an Italian herbal blend, or liquids like vinegar and Italian dressing.
If you include eggs, crack them and add them to the slow cooker when you first put the potatoes in. They'll cook faster than your spuds, so take them out a little sooner.
Cook the potatoes until tender, which can take up to 8 hours on a low setting and 4 hours on a high setting in a Crockpot. When a fork easily slides in your potatoes, they're done.
Place the potatoes and other cooked ingredients in the fridge to cool while you mix together a dressing with mustard, mayo, relish, and any additional twists you'd like.
For a German-style potato salad, cook potatoes in broth, and instead of letting the finished potatoes cool, mix in all the other salad ingredients while they’re still warm.