Pumpkin with carved smiling face emitting light
Use Your Hand Mixer To Remove The Guts Of A Pumpkin Effortlessly
Cleaning out a pumpkin can be time consuming and messy, and while there are many hacks to simplify the process, using a hand mixer may be the best trick.
When inserted into a pumpkin, a hand mixer with a beater or whisk attachment loosens up the stringy bits and seeds in just seconds, leaving behind a smooth, seed-free gourd.
Simply place your pumpkin on a level, stable surface, carve an opening through the rind that’s large enough to accommodate the hand mixer, then insert the mixer and turn it on.
To prevent messiness or injuries, use the mixer only at its lowest speed, and make sure to keep your fingers away from the moving parts.
Angle the mixer and move it from top to bottom to reach every nook inside the pumpkin. Within a minute or so, the pulp should be loosened and easy to scoop out.