Twix bars on a dark surface
Use Twix Bars To Craft A Stunning Chocolate Dessert
Twix are not only delicious candy bars, but they're also the perfect inspiration for a chocolate cake. Using Twix to decorate the cake adds extra crunch and a decadent sweetness.
Prepare your favorite chocolate cake, cut it into two layers, then choose a filling to spread between them. Chocolate mousse, pudding, or custard cream are all excellent.
Spread the filling onto one cake layer and sprinkle with crushed Twix. Add the second layer on top and chill for an hour, then frost with a chocolate buttercream or ganache.
Finally, use whole Twix bars to cover the sides of the cake, or chop up the bars and use them to decorate the top. Extra chocolate and caramel can reinforce the rich flavors.
If you prefer other candy bars for this cake, Kit Kats are also a delicious option. You can even sprinkle add M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces on top of the cake for a pop of color.