Pepperoni pizza cut into slices
Use Tongs To Help You Indicate When Your Pizza Crust Is Cooked
Pizza dough can still be squishy in the middle if pulled from the oven too early. To avoid this, use tongs to check the bottom of your pizza and ensure it’s fully cooked.
To do so, simply grab a hold of your pizza crust’s edges with tongs and gently lift it until you can see the middle. If it’s white and doughy, your pizza isn’t fully cooked yet.
Pizza with an under-baked crust results in floppy slices with soggy centers, lacking in flavor, and texture. You can fix this by letting the pizza bake for a few more minutes.
Tongs make the perfect alternative to a pizza peel, allowing you to easily turn your pizza in the oven and pull it out safely when it’s cooked to perfection.