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Use This Unexpected Kitchen Tool To Peel Citrus For Cocktail Garnishes
A garnish can elevate a cocktail from pretty good to something truly swanky, and a citrus twist or peel is a timeless classic. However, you may struggle to get a nice, neat strip of peel off an orange or lemon while avoiding the bitter white pith underneath, so if your knife skills aren't amazing, try reaching for this kitchen tool.
Portland mixologist Jeffrey Morgenthaler says that many bartenders use a Y-peeler, or vegetable peeler, to peel citrus, but this tool takes a lot of practice and can be dangerously sharp. He recommends using a cheese slicer instead, which can shave thin strips of zest off the fruit while also being safer to use.
Morgenthaler says that because a cheese slicer's blade is a spatula-shaped piece of metal, the rest of the object acts like a guard, keeping your fingers out of harm's way. Epicurious also says that a cheese slicer cuts perfectly-sized citrus peels that tend to hold a stylish curl better than a Y-peeler, making this tool your best bet.