Scrambled eggs on sourdough bread
Use Ricotta Cheese For The Absolute Creamiest Scrambled Eggs
While you're probably used to the sharp, salty flavor of cheddar or jack cheese on scrambled eggs, ricotta cheese can deliver the ultimate creamy upgrade to scrambled eggs.
A soft, spreadable cheese with a creamy texture, ricotta's mild yet rich flavor is as versatile an ingredient as eggs are, which will enhance the buttery taste of scrambled eggs.
Additionally, whisking ricotta into a scramble will thicken and soften scrambled eggs with a luscious creaminess without detracting from their light, airy nature.
Different recipes call for adding ricotta at different times — fold it into newly formed curds while piping hot or add a dollop of it to the eggs while they're still liquid.
Constantly moving the liquid eggs around over low heat will ensure the creamiest, softest scramble whether you add the ricotta at the beginning or end of the process.