A bunch of portobello mushrooms
Use Portobello Mushrooms For Delicious Pizzas Without The Dough
Whether you’re looking to decrease your calorie intake or simply want to try something different, swap traditional pizza dough for portobello mushrooms when you make your next pie.
Low in fat and calories and high in potassium and B vitamins, portobello mushrooms are a great dough substitute. Their umami-rich taste is already a familiar pair for pizza.
To start, remove the stems and rinse each mushroom thoroughly, then dry them with a paper towel. Brush the bottom of the mushrooms with olive oil and Italian seasoning.
For the filling, spoon a small amount of pasta sauce inside, and finish it off by sprinkling a blend of parmesan and mozzarella on top, followed by your choice of toppings.
Heat the mushroom pizzas up in the air fryer for a few minutes, or roast them in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the cheese is browned, it’s done.