Breaded chicken strips, breast fillet meat on a plate. Black backgrund. Top view.
Use Mayo As A Creamy Switch For Egg Wash When Breading Meat
When it comes to breading meat, there are more than a few reasons why mayonnaise makes sense as a substitute for egg wash — in fact, it might even be a better option.
In addition to an ability to adhere seasonings and breadcrumbs to meat, mayo promotes browning, thanks to its fat content. It creates a barrier to lock in juices as cutlets cook.
While any type of mayonnaise can be a viable solution for egg wash, traditional mayo generally imparts a velvety mouthfeel and a richer taste, and flavored mayo can add complexity.
Either opt for ready-made mayos that offer a kick of garlic or spice, or craft your own flavored mayo by whisking zesty condiments like honey or mustard into your "mayo wash."
Since mayo better adheres to meat than slippery egg wash, you can forgo the flour and coat the pieces of raw protein directly in the mayo.
Lastly, use a brush to evenly apply the mayonnaise over the meat, then press the breadcrumbs into the protein and shake off any excess before cooking to golden perfection.