Pots hanging on wall racks in a kitchen
Use Hooks To Store Pot Lids On Cabinet Doors And Free Up Space
If you're sick of looking through a pile of cookware for the right pan lid, try using sticky hooks to store pot lids on cabinet doors to free up space.
This simple hack creates an organized area for your pan lids in an otherwise dead space. It works on everything from regular-sized cupboards to large pantry-style doors.
Set aside two hooks with self-adhesive backs for each of your pan lids. Then arrange your lids on your cabinet door to see how many you can neatly fit in the space available.
Use a pencil to mark their circumference so you know where to stick the hooks. Apply the hooks at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock position, ensuring that the lid fits neatly.
If the lid is tipping forward, a third hook may be necessary. Spread the hooks out over two or three doors to prevent damage to the hinges of the cabinet from the weight.