French Florentine quiche with spinach, cheese and egg custard close-up on the table. vertical
Use Gruyère Cheese For The Creamiest Quiche
Quiche is a simple, elegant, and easily customizable meal option, and there’s one variety of cheese that makes your quiche extra smooth and delicious: Gruyère.
Gruyère, named after a town in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland, is made from whole cow's milk. It’s soft and mild and has a high milk-fat content and water-to-oil ratio.
Gruyère’s exceptional meltiness makes it the perfect cheese for a creamy quiche. Its subtle sweetness and earthiness add flavor without overpowering the other components.
Its ample moisture content and creaminess allow it to blend with runny, whisked eggs and keep your eggy custard from developing a tough, rubbery texture in the oven.
Coupled with the right egg-to-milk ratio, Gruyère quiche creates a soft, thick texture for the best bite for your quiche and elevates a standard egg breakfast.