Casserole with noodles, meat, peas, and cheese in cast iron pan
Use Cream Of Mushroom And Chicken Soups For A Quick Casserole
Cans of cream of mushroom and chicken soup are pantry staples, and by combining them together with a few extra ingredients you can create a quick, delicious casserole.
Cream of mushroom and chicken soups are condensed and are meant to have other liquids added. Left in their condensed state, these two soups are belles of the casserole ball.
While some casserole recipes call for plopping all the ingredients directly into the baking dish, others require cooking the meat and starch separately before combining them.
Regardless of how you build your casserole, it bakes to comfort food status when infused with these two canned soups. Your options stretch as far as your ingenuity.
Create a one-pan-wonder casserole using one (or both) condensed soups. Classic tuna and green bean casseroles typically call for a can of cream of mushroom.
Or, you can create a casserole by mixing uncooked rice with both condensed soups, adding a layer of sliced carrots and celery, and topping with cubed, uncooked chicken breast.