Beef rendang on a pan
Use Chuck Steak In Beef Rendang To Get The Most Tender Bites Of Meat
Tasting Table recipe developer Jennine Rye's beef rendang recipe uses chuck steak to great effect, cooking it until it has a super tender texture and a savory, flavor-packed taste.
Chuck steak comes from the chuck primal, the shoulder section of a cow, which contains tough muscles as well as tender, fatty parts. It requires slow cooking to be fully tender.
Rye notes that, unlike some meat dishes, "rendang doesn't rely on browning the meat first to add flavor." This Indonesian dish is all about braising in coconut milk and spices.
Rye adds, "Due to the type of beef and the amount of time it is cooked, it imparts loads of wonderful flavor to the dish by itself." She cooks the meat for at least two hours.
The plentiful collagen in chuck is dissolved into succulent gelatin, making the beef super tender. Slow cooking at a low, consistent temperature helps the meat retain moisture.
The dish is done when most of the cooking liquid has evaporated. The coconut flakes and milk, spices, and beef come together for a comforting dish perfect for the colder months.