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Use Cheese Crackers For Flavorful, Crunchy Breaded Chicken
While nuts like almonds and pecans are popular additions to breading on chicken cutlets, adding some extra protein and crunch, crackers are another option that can be even crunchier and more flavorful. For a fun, flavorful twist on cheesy dishes like chicken parm, you have to try cheese cracker-breaded chicken.
Cheez-Its, perhaps the most popular cheesy crackers on the market, are a salty and savory replacement for breadcrumbs that offer the crispy texture you love with an extra burst of cheesy flavor. If you have picky eaters at the table or just want to switch up your breaded chicken, this is a combination that everyone will love.
To try this ingredient swap, pour cheesy crackers into a plastic bag and crush them with a heavy object or your hands, or or pulse them in your food processor into a fine, crumb-like consistency. Then, simply follow your go-to breaded chicken recipe, swapping the pulverized crackers in for your usual breadcrumbs of choice.