Bowl of seafood chowder
Use Canned Crab For Deluxe Chowder Soup That's Deliciously Simple
Crab and corn chowder may sound expensive to make, but you can make a more convenient and economical version of this luxurious soup using canned crab.
With a price much lower than its fresh counterpart, canned crab makes this seemingly intimidating recipe more approachable, reducing the cooking time to 40 minutes.
The texture and taste of tinned crab differ from fresh ones, but simmering it in broth can make it tender and flavorful. Make sure to check your canned crab for shell pieces.
Top your crab chowder with crème fraîche, bacon bits, herbs, or oyster crackers. The tender crab meat, savory broth, and creamy corn also pair well with toasted crusty bread.