Pie crust in tin with fork holes with bowl of apple mix on the side
Use Canned Cinnamon Rolls For The Absolute Best Crust On Pies
To incorporate the warmth of cinnamon and the decadent richness of icing into your holiday pie, consider making a cinnamon roll pie crust out of canned cinnamon rolls.
A cinnamon roll pie crust is an excellent, flavorful addition to a variety of pies. It is also a great timesaver and is sure to be a hit with your family or guests, too.
Roll rounds of cinnamon roll dough flat to about ⅛ of an inch to best match a pie crust's thickness. Since the rolls contain yeast, the crust may end up slightly thicker.
Lay the first flattened cinnamon roll in the center of the greased pie plate before adding the remaining rolls by overlapping and pressing them together to prevent gaps.
Brush egg wash over the whole crust to seal it, add the filling, and drizzle over the icing. Use a regular pie crust for the top, as the cinnamon roll dough will cook too quickly.