Jack Daniel’s 12-Year bottle on black
Use Blackberries To Give Jack Daniel's Whiskey Fruity Flavor
Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey has a sweet, oaky flavor with tasting notes of butterscotch, smoke, vanilla, caramel, and pepper that fit perfectly with blackberries.
The slight brightness from the blackberries cuts through Old No. 7's heaviness and lends welcome roundness to its rich caramel and pepper notes.
You can infuse your Jack Daniel's with blackberry flavor by popping a few whole berries in, stirring in some jam, or muddling a few fresh berries in the bottom of a rocks glass.
For more control over the flavor, use homemade blackberry preserves. If you opt for store-bought, look for a variety that isn't super-sweetened and doesn't have a ton of seeds.