An open pomegranate with scattered seeds
Use A Syringe To Quickly Extract Juice From Pomegranate Seeds
Dealing with a pomegranate's tightly packed clutches of seeds while extracting their juice can be challenging. Luckily, there's an easier way to do it by using a plastic syringe.
Get a ripe pomegranate, a large, clean syringe, and a container. Open the fruit by scoring the outer skin with a knife and then breaking it open without crushing the seeds.
Next, take your syringe and remove the plunger. Fill the barrel of the syringe with the pomegranate seeds then carefully reinsert the plunger.
Now, position the syringe over your container and begin to press down on the plunger slowly but firmly. The seeds will compress, and juice will start to flow out from the syringe.
Continue pressing until you feel resistance and it becomes difficult to press further. The result is pure, fresh pomegranate juice with minimal fuss and waste.