Tomato sauce passata in bowl next to tomatoes
Use A Potato Ricer For The Absolute Best Tomato Passata
Tomato passata is basically a smooth, strained, uncooked tomato purée. While many Italian households have a food mill to mash the tomatoes, a potato ricer is a perfect substitute.
Potato ricers have the same components as a food mill but are more compact. You can spoon small batches of lightly cooked, chopped tomatoes into its spherical chamber.
The slotted bottom will effectively rid them of their skins and seeds. If the ricer ceases to eject tomato juice, simply remove the skin and seeds that have clogged the slots.
Finally, pour the juiced pulp back into the pot used to boil the tomatoes, making sure to run it through a fine mesh sieve to rid the sauce of any seeds or larger chunks of pulp.