Hands placing pastry crust in a muffin tray
Use A Muffin Tin So There's No Debate Over The Final Slice Of Apple Pie
Apple pie is a classic treat for the colder months, and if you’re looking for an easier pie recipe that will ensure everyone gets an even share, try baking mini pies this year.
Since you’re not committed to one pie, you can customize each mini pie to individual preferences. Add raisins to one pie, nuts to another, or even use a different fruit entirely.
While the baking process will mostly be the same, you may want to pre-cook the filling so the crust doesn't overcook while you wait for the filling to be done, or vice-versa.
Likewise, whether you're making an apple, strawberry, blueberry, or mixed berry pie, you’ll want to slice the fruit smaller than you would for a normal-sized pie.
Lastly, use less filling than you think you need and don't fill the cups of pie crust to the top. The filling in miniature pies can easily boil over and make a mess.