Pour-over coffee maker on a kitchen scale
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Use A Kitchen Scale For The Most Balanced Pour-Over Coffee
Whether you're a fan of the automatic drip coffeemaker, espresso machine, or pour-overs, a kitchen scale is a must-have tool for creating a balanced cup of coffee.
Coffee beans can vary wildly in weight, which means that volume-based measurement tools such as spoons can be very inaccurate when measuring out your drink ratios.
Getting the correct ratio of water to coffee beans is essential for pour-overs, and the generally agreed-on proportion for a basic cup is 1 part coffee beans to 15-17 parts water.
That means for a typical Chemex pour-over, you'd use about 42 grams of coffee to about 700 grams of water, which you can adjust slightly according to your personal taste.
An easy way to measure your hot water is to place your pour-over brewer on the scale, hit the tare button to zero out the weight of the brewer, and measure the water as you pour.
Once you've figured out your ideal proportion of coffee to water, always weigh your coffee and water to get the right amounts. It's far more accurate than using a measuring cup.