A pepperoni pizza pie cut into slices
Use A Glass Of Water To Microwave Leftover Pizza Without Ruining The Crust
If you can't stand the thought of eating cold pizza, there is a way to microwave them that will leave the crispy crust intact: adding a glass of water into the mix.
When microwaving pizza on its own, the high temperatures melt the sugar molecules in the dough, which causes them to harden as they cool.
Including a glass of water in the microwave basically creates a decoy for some of the heat. The waves will be less intense and will distribute around your device more evenly.
Simply center the pizza slice in the microwave on a plate, fill a microwave-safe mug halfway with water, place it on the edge of the rotating turntable, and cook for 30-45 seconds.
By keeping the zapping time to under a minute, you can prevent the mug of water from heating to a full-on boil and steaming your crust.