Brownies stacked on a plate
Use 2 Types Of Sugar For Brownies With A Perfect Crust
For tender, chewy brownies with a crisp surface that is nearly impossible to resist, reach for both brown sugar and white granulated sugar — and don't be stingy.
The combination of the two sugars will deliver a crinkly crust that gives way to a sweet, moist layer below. The brown sugar helps the brownie batter retain extra moisture.
This extra moisture results in crispy-topped, fudgy brownies that deliver both texture and taste, with no dryness. The extra molasses imparts a stronger caramel flavor.
For fudgy brownies, mix the ingredients for five minutes. For brownies with a light and cakey texture, whip the blend until it becomes lighter in color and thicker in consistency.
To add an extra touch of sweetness to your brownies once they cool, dust a light sprinkling of powdered sugar on top, or add a crunchy bite with flakes of sea salt.