Minestrone di verdure in white bowl with bread
Use 2 Kinds Of Canned Tomatoes For The Perfect Minestrone Soup
The key to great minestrone is the tomatoes, which form the base of the soup with their sweet and savory flavor and tangy zip. For even better flavor, you’ll want to use two types.
Using both crushed and diced canned tomatoes in your soup will add both a concentrated flavor and a juicy texture with toothsome bits of tomato in every bite.
Simply add equal amounts of diced and crushed tomatoes to a pot of cooked veggies, along with vegetable or chicken broth, and bring to a boil before reducing the heat to a simmer.
As your crushed tomatoes cook down, creating a rich tomatoey broth, the diced tomatoes will hold their form, giving you the best of both worlds in your minestrone.