A Starbucks iced matcha latte with lavender cold foam
Upgrade Your Starbucks Lavender Drink With These 8 Hacks
Enhance Floral Drinks
Starbucks lavender powder pairs well with more than just coffee. You can easily use this powder to take already floral beverages to a new level.
Consider adding a couple of scoops of the lavender powder
to your Pink Drink or
berry-forward Refresher for
a fresh spin on your usual beverage order.
Flavorful Sweetener
Adding lavender powder to either Starbucks green or black tea — which don't have default sweeteners — adds a delicious, floral alternative to typical tea drinks.
Replace Whipped Cream
To seamlessly integrate a lavender touch, switch out whipped cream for lavender cold foam. This swap works well for iced lattes and Frappuccinos.
Coffee-based beverage pairings are also an option, but because lavender pairs best with floral flavors, we are reluctant to pair it with heavier, java-forward ones.
Add More Scoops
If you add lavender powder to a beverage outside of the lineup, it’s an additional charge. However, no matter how many scoops you add, the cost remains the same.
Blend With Matcha
One of the best drinks is
an iced matcha with lavender cold foam. For a more cohesive drink, try a Matcha Crème Frappuccino with extra
scoops of lavender.