snacks from Alabama
Unique Foods And Drinks That Were Founded In Alabama
Conecuh Sausage
When you bite into these hickory-smoked Conecuh sausages, a hint of red pepper accentuates milder spices for a sweet, savory, and smoky flavor that parallels none.
Golden Flake Chips
These thin and crispy potato chips were made in Alabama, Birmingham, for one century before the company closed and moved to the Utz factory in Pennsylvania.
West Indies Salad
This salad, created by Bill Bayley Sr., uses crab meat, onions and vinegar. The onion is topped with crab meat, doused in oil and vinegar, and soaked in ice water.
Bud’s Best Cookies
These cookies are miniature, bite-sized morsels and were a big hit in Alabama in the ‘90s. The company offers nearly every type of cookie in its miniature form.
Lane Cake
Created in the 1800s, this cake includes moist cake, crunchy pecans, and flaky coconut all accentuated by bourbon. It takes the flavors about a day or two to meld.