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Unexpected Ingredients That Need To Be In Your Meatloaf
BBQ sauce
One great addition to your meatloaf comes from the American South, where paprika and green peppers are added to the meat and the loaf is glazed with BBQ sauce instead of ketchup. This adds a sticky and sweet coating that can be achieved with either store-bought sauce or your own homemade sauce.
Hard-boiled eggs
Most classic meatloaf recipes use eggs to bind the meat mixture, but Greek, German, and Hungarian cooks like to add whole hard-boiled eggs before baking. The eggs add a vibrant color and a nice contrast to the uniform texture of the meat, plus an extra boost of protein in your loaf.
Quick oats
Try using plain quick oats as filler in your meat mixture instead of breadcrumbs. Oats absorb moisture better than breadcrumbs or milk-soaked bread, preventing your meatloaf from turning soggy, and oats are gluten-free, so even people with gluten sensitivity or allergies can enjoy the meatloaf.
Extra water
Some meatloaves dry out while cooking, and adding a little extra water can solve this problem. You probably only need water if your meat mixture doesn't have a lot of liquid ingredients or your meat is low-fat, and only add small amounts of water at a time until the mix is no longer sticky, to avoid sogginess.
Bell peppers
Bell peppers give meatloaf a bright flavor and add a sweeter taste, but you should only use fresh peppers with no signs of damage or softness. To add them to the meatloaf, de-seed the bell peppers, dice them, and cook them with onions, garlic, and herbs before mixing the veggies into your ground meat.