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Types Of Containers You Shouldn't Use To Reheat Food In Your Microwave
Ordering takeout is a great way to cut back on time spent cooking dinner, but you shouldn’t always reheat the food in the packaging it came in. Unless told otherwise, you should never microwave foam containers, as they may contain the carcinogenic compound styrene, which can seep into your food.
Foam Containers
While paper bags may seem harmless, reports suggest that they can actually release toxic fumes when heated up. Paper bags heat quickly, and — if they are left in a microwave too long — may pose a fire hazard.
Paper Bags
When heated to high temperatures, plastic bags can melt and may release the chemical compound bisphenol A (BPA), a toxicant to several bodily systems, including the endocrine, that may impact child development. The best motto here is when in doubt, swap it out — for a “microwave safe” container.
Plastic Bags