Spinach leaves falling in the air
Turn Your Wilted Spinach Into A Low-Waste Plant-Based Powder
Improperly stored spinach spoils fast, turning slimy and shriveled within days, but instead of tossing it, you can turn wilted spinach into powder to retain its nutrients.
This tip helps extend the leaves' shelf life while increasing their versatility. After thoroughly rinsing the spinach leaves, put them in a salad spinner or pat them dry.
Place the leaves in the oven or dehydrator at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit until they are dried and crisp. Blend the leaves into a powder, then store them for up to one year.
Luckily, when baked at a low temperature, spinach will not lose its vitamins to give you a boost of iron, vitamin A, potassium, and other nutrients.
With a fine texture and mild taste, spinach powder can be a healthy boost in a smoothie or an acai bowl.
It can even be added to pasta sauce or spaghetti when you don't want to prepare veggies. Spinach powder is also a tasty addition to homemade pizza for fussy eaters.