Glass of iced coffee with two straws
Turn Your Iced Coffee Into A Boozy Float Using 2 Ingredients
Iced coffee on its own is a popular summertime drink, but it can get better and evolve into a sweet, tipsy tipple with some coffee liqueur and a scoop or two of an unusual gelato.
To make a boozy iced coffee float, add a splash of Baileys Espresso Crème or any other coffee liqueur to a glass of iced coffee along with a scoop or two of silky Guinness gelato.
Then, gently mix or swirl the ingredients until the drink becomes creamy but still retains some frothiness. Lastly, garnish with a dollop of whipped cream and some chocolate sauce.
The creamy softness of the melting gelato will counteract the coffee’s bitterness and the beer's maltiness will boost its flavor. The liqueur’s bittersweetness
will also meld well.