Dried beans in a bowl
Turn To Your Microwave For The Quickest Way To Soak Dried Beans
The older your dried beans are, the longer they need to soak before you use them. Using a microwave can reduce the time needed to soften the beans from hours to minutes.
Microwaves work so well for this because they cook food from the interior and exterior at the same time, which channels the heat straight into the beans.
To soak dried beans quickly in the microwave, you’ll need hot water and a microwave-safe bowl. Add at least double the amount of water to the beans in the bowl.
Set the microwave for 15 minutes, or longer depending on the size and type of beans. Let them cook, stopping once halfway through to give the beans and water a stir.
Upon hearing the microwave ping, you’ll have a bowl of beans that are swollen and soft enough to be transferred to a pot on the stove for their final cook.
If the beans aren’t as tender as you’d like, microwave them for another five minutes or more, if needed. Kidney and cannellini beans tend to cook faster than pinto and black beans.