Samosas on serving tray with sauce on the side
Turn Store-Bought Puff Pastry Into Delicious Samosas In Less Time
Samosas are Indian fried pastries stuffed with savory fillings like veggies and meat. To make them at home, swap homemade dough for pre-made puff pastry.
Pre-made puff pastry, which you can get at just about any grocery store (either refrigerated or frozen), will save you a good amount of time and effort when making samosas.
Roll out your puff pastry and add fillings like potatoes, onions, carrots, peas, and spices. Then, fold the dough over to form the triangle-shaped treat.
With all the time that you save by using puff pastry, you can focus on making a homemade dipping sauce, such as cilantro chutney or mango chutney.