Espresso popsicles and espresso beans
Turn An Espresso Martini Into A Refreshing Ice Pop
To transform an espresso martini cocktail into a deliciously refreshing ice pop, you only need four ingredients: coffee, vanilla vodka, Kahlua, and simple syrup.
Other than that, you’ll need a popsicle mold. Use one that comes with reusable sticks or find some of the wooden popsicle sticks that are often used for childhood crafts.
When you grab the four main ingredients, combine 7 ounces of coffee, 1 ounce each of vodka and Kahlua, and 4 ounces of simple syrup to make four popsicles.
Combine all of the ingredients and pour them evenly into the popsicle molds, then place them in the freezer. It will take several hours, or even overnight, for them to set.