Three whole pineapples
Turn A Pineapple Stem Into A Christmas Tree For A Festive Charcuterie Centerpiece
To get into the holiday spirit, decorate your charcuterie board with a festive 'Christmas tree' made with just a pineapple, a toothpick, and a star-shaped cookie cutter.
Start by cutting off the pineapple's crown and set it aside. Then, cut out a pineapple slice and use the cookie cutter to make a pineapple star.
Place the crown upside down on the platter so the leaves point down, then use the toothpick to stick the star to the top. Dust some powdered sugar over the leaves to mimic snow.
Then, arrange all of the charcuterie board items around the centerpiece. To continue the festive trend, use more cookie cutters to make other holiday-themed pineapple shapes.