Untrimmed leeks lined up
Try Roasting Leeks For A Boosted Dinner Side
When slowly roasted in the oven, leeks become mellow in flavor and tender in texture. Their versatile flavor can complement a wide range of dishes.
This adaptable side dish is well suited for pairing with classic proteins, like chicken and salmon, or more adventurous choices like salty ham and sharp cheese.
Start preparing your leeks by removing the dark green sections, which are tough and fibrous. Slice them down the middle longways and carefully clean them under the faucet.
Line the leeks in a baking dish and season liberally with olive oil and salt. Cook them at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 to 40 minutes, turning the stalks halfway through.
To bring in more flavor, consider adding cream, butter, garlic, or herbs. Even a final dusting of parmesan would be welcome on this flexible side dish.