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Try Marinating Your Meat After Grilling
Huffington Post notes that marinating meat before it's cooked may actually cause more problems than it solves. They report that marinades only add minimal flavor because they can only penetrate the outer flesh of the meat, and using a more acidic marinade to penetrate deeper might only create a mushy exterior and tough interior.
To make the most of your marinade, MyRecipes recommends placing your finished meat in a shallow tray with the marinade as soon as it's done cooking and flipping it every 2 to 3 minutes to allow both sides to soak. This will give the meat sufficient rest time before being served and actually saves time by letting you marinade at the same time.
Furthermore, pre-marinades have to be thrown away once they've served their purpose because of their contact with raw meat. Using the reverse marinade, however, means all of those ingredients won't go to waste and can be spooned onto the plate of a hungry guest instead.