Hand pouring whiskey into glass with ice
Try Angled Ice To Level Up Your Cocktail Experience
Although ice’s primary function is to keep foods cold, it can also add an aesthetic appeal to drinks. One of the most visually engaging options is angled ice.
Angled ice is frozen inside cocktail glasses at an angle so that it takes up half the glass, forming a triangle that reaches from the rim to the base of the cup.
The ice is easy to make and visually stunning. Fill a glass roughly a third full with water, then place it slightly crooked in the freezer so that the water freezes at an angle.
Aside from aesthetics, angled ice will ensure your drink stays cold, since it has more surface area for more contact with the liquid. It also takes longer to melt than ice cubes.
Angled ice works well in any cocktail that is typically served over ice, from a classic Old Fashioned or whiskey sour to a lavender-infused Tom Collins.