Chocolate cream pie slice
Try A Cookie Dough Crust And Find Your New Favorite No-Bake Pie
A no-bake pie is perfect for when you don’t feel like firing up the oven. A crust made of crushed cookies or crackers is classic, but a cookie dough crust adds a special touch.
Browned butter makes a cookie dough crusted-pie even better, adding richness and nuttiness that plain biscuits don't have. Start by cooking butter on the stovetop to a brown color.
Mix the browned butter with flour, then combine it with brown sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and milk. Knead the dough, spread it out on the pie pan, and let it chill.
The lack of eggs means you can eat the crust without baking it. It pairs amazingly with a pudding filling made with milk, eggs, butter, cornstarch, chocolate, and vanilla.
You can also use instant chocolate or vanilla pudding to speed things up. After you cook the pudding, try mixing it with crushed cookies, chocolate chips, or cookie butter.
Pour the filling into the pie pan and refrigerate for about two hours. Top the finished pie with whipped cream for a dessert that's like pie, cookie dough, and pudding all in one.