INDIA - FEBRUARY 20:  Espresso Martini mixes the 10 cocktails-alcohol laced drinks that leave Delhi's women shaken and stirred at Dublin Bar in Hotel Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi, India  (Photo by Bandeep Singh/The The India Today Group via Getty Images)
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Transform Your Espresso Martini Into A Decadent Dessert With One Ingredient
The espresso martini, a cocktail of vodka, espresso, and coffee liqueur such as Kahlúa, came back in a big way in 2022, which many called the "year of the espresso martini." To keep enjoying this boozy, coffee-infused drink without it getting stale, add an extra ingredient to get your cocktail and dessert fix all in one.
Ice cream will transform your espresso martini into a dessert reminiscent of affogato, the Italian classic of espresso poured over vanilla ice cream. Shake coffee liqueur and espresso together and pour it over ice, then strain over vanilla ice cream, and you'll have an affogato martini that's sweet, creamy, bitter, and boozy.
Cory Holt of New York City's Maialino says to pre-scoop the ice cream or gelato and chill it in the glass in the freezer. "You want to build the drink, shake it, and the last thing you want to do is pull out the glasses [from the freezer] and very quickly pour the frothy espresso martini over the gelato," Holt tells Food & Wine.