Skillet of risotto topped with mushrooms and parsley
Transform Risotto By Switching The Main Ingredient With Orzo
Orzo is a semolina-based pasta that resembles rice, and since it's starchier than rice, it can be used to make a much quicker risotto without changing any of the other ingredients.
Start by frying the orzo with aromatics until golden brown to give it a nutty, caramelized flavor, and add in white wine and stir constantly until the alcohol cooks off.
Meanwhile, heat up broth or water in a pot, along with cream in a six-to-one ratio. Add it to the orzo, then stir in some cheese as a finishing touch.
Carefully measure your liquid, since orzo soaks up more liquid than rice does. Use a one-to-three ratio of pasta to liquid, with an extra splash or two if it’s too dry.
Once you’ve added the liquid, stir the risotto for five to eight minutes until it’s luxuriously creamy. The pasta's starches will thicken the sauce much more quickly than usual.